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1KG Home Packet



This Product is usually for home use and can cook for up to 30 people. This means if you live alone, you can use it roughly for a month. Cooking it is very easy and saves fuel as it requires less than 15 min to cook.


The basic way to cook it is to soak 1 cup ( 1 measure) Shebolicious to 2 cups (2 measures) or more of COLD water for about 15 – 30 min. This ensures sufficient rehydration of the soya granules and enables the mince to swell up to three times. This is the reason why such a small amount as 1kg can cater for about 30+ people. While soaking, you can prepare your gravy and/or veggies as desired. In a difference pot cook in your soaked Shebolicious Soya Mince (don’t drain) and allow to simmer at low heat 10min or more. Cook to desired consistency. Enjoy with papa, rice, samp, bread, pasta, roti and more.