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20KG Bag


COOKS FOR 900 – 1000

This product is usually used to cook for mass catering in hospitals, churches, funerals, schools. Most schools use it to feed more than 1000 because they mix it with vegetables and make it richer and more in quantity.


The basic way to cook it is to empty the contents of the whole pack into a bucket or basin and mix it with COLD WATER. The cold water should be more than the soya mince with 1:2 ratio. Then let it soak for about 60min. This ensures sufficient rehydration of the soya particles and enables the mince to swell up to three times. This is the reason why 20kg can cater for about 1000 people.  While soaking, you can in the meantime prepare your gravy and when its ready pour in your soaked mixture of Shebolicious Soya Mince and allow to cook at a low heat allowing to simmer for about 30min. Depending on what you will be dishing your Shebolicious with, please control it to your own desired consistency.


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